Ettore Canu, alias LYON , is the youtuber who has entertained the subscribers of his channel "WhenGamersFail" since 2012 with gameplay of various kinds, reactions and various experiments. In a few years his success explodes among children and adolescents and this leads him to transpose his adventure stories into various books that reach the top of the sales charts in Italy!

Unmissable is the market launch of a merchandising that includes various items including a complete school line .

Let's find out together which products will accompany students in the 2022/2023 school year.

One of the first elements of the school kit is the backpack. Roomy, robust and super colourful, personalized with graphics inspired by the famous youtuber. Available in two versions: Organized Backpack and Organized Trolley Backpack . Both offer two large internal compartments closed by zip, to contain all the school supplies or what is needed for free time. The thermoformed back and padded shoulder straps guarantee maximum comfort when carried on the shoulders, while the trolley is equipped with a magnetic button attachment system that allows you to attach and detach the trolley quickly and easily, transforming the backpack into a trolley in seconds.

The 12 Months Lyon Gamer Diary will accompany all the kids during the long school year. Full color printed padded cover and 352 pages packed with games, fun phrases and plenty of room to write!

To complete the Lyon personalized school kit, a colorful 3-zip pencil case complete with high quality stationery! Inside the three compartments are: 1 Pilot Frixion blue erasable pen; 18 Giotto Turbo Color fine tip markers ; 18 Giotto Lacquered colored pencils; 1 HB Lyra graphite pencil; 1 red pen Tratto Uno; 1 eraser; 1 ruler cm 15; 1 team; 1 pair of scissors with a rounded tip; 1 sharpener with tank; 5 adhesive labels.

Discover the entire LYON Gamer school line in our online shop and be ready when the bell rings!

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