Evil Disney Princesses

Evil Disney Princesses

When we talk about the great Disney classics, our thoughts immediately turn to the most loved princesses . Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel... Each one, with its own story, makes girls and boys dream, who love to imagine their stories and the magical adventures they live.

But for some time now, even the " Disney Villains " have come to the fore, conquering a prominent place in the imagination of children, fascinating them with their feats of charming antagonists.

A rich merchandising is following this wave, proposing a series of dolls inspired by the most famous "villains" of the Disney world.

Hasbro offers a collection of dolls inspired by the most famous Disney fairy tales and their "negative" protagonists. Cruella De Vil , the villain of the movie "101 dalmatians", wicked to the point of having the tender Dalmatian puppies kidnapped to make a fur coat!

Grimhilde, the Evil Queen who, envious of Snow White 's beauty, organizes her death to maintain her primacy of "fairest of all".

Two other dolls in the Disney Villains series, presented by Hasbro , are Maleficent and Ursula. The first, cruel antagonist of Sleeping Beauty in the woods , can definitely be described as "the meanest of the villains", capable of carrying out a years-long revenge to bring about the destruction of the sweet Aurora .

The last villain we will talk about today is Ursula , the cruel Sea Witch who, as a perfect astute manipulator, exploits the weakest to achieve her goals. The antagonist of the Little Mermaid Ariel is one of the most evil characters in the history of Disney fairy tales .

All dolls in the Disney Villains collection feature highly detailed outfits that faithfully reproduce those seen in the animated films, complete with their iconic accessories. Each character is about 28 cm tall and is equipped with a special lens that allows you to reveal details hidden in the clothes of the characters that reveal details of their history.

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