The island of Gorm, inhabited by the Gormiti warriors, is the scenario where the battles take place between two great armies, good and evil. These exciting conflicts are told in an animated series , which fascinates children and which has the Volcano as its main setting.

Giochi Preziosi presents a playset that reproduces the iconic scenario of the famous series. This fantastic playset is equipped with many features that stimulate children's imagination and offer a particularly engaging gaming experience. The drawbridge , the catapult, the slide, the secret doors , the punching ball and a prison where to lock up the Gormiti offer the starting points to invent many adventures or to recreate the scenes seen on TV. The playset includes an exclusive Gormita Magmion, the lord of fire, gold color 7 cm high.

The different Peoples of the Gormiti include different characters that are faithfully reproduced in a rich collection of articulated action figures available in single blisters. Karak, Antium, Zefyr... These highly detailed characters stand approximately 8 cm tall and, thanks to their many joints, can assume various combat poses to allow children to recreate scenes from the animated series.

The characters in this collection come with a token compatible with the Roleplay Elemental Bracer and a digital code compatible with the free app to make the game experience even more exciting and complete.

A very wide choice of characters distributed by Giochi Preziosi is available in our online shop. Choose your favorites and create your own Gormiti collection!

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