We have only recently left behind the Halloween party, with its disguises and masks but, for children, the opportunities to dress up and transform into their favorite heroes never end!

Today we will talk about masks and accessories to transform into the most loved Avengers !

To transform into the Hulk, Robert Bruce Banner's alter ego, children have a mask and a pair of fists to wear to grab, squeeze and crush their opponents!

Captain America , the "super soldier" capable of extraordinary feats, features a nearly indestructible shield that can be thrown with near unerring accuracy, can attack multiple targets in succession with a single throw, or even cause a boomerang-like blowback . Thanks to the blue mask with the letter "A" embossed on the forehead, children can transform into their favorite superhero!

Iron Man , alter ego of Tony Stark, the billionaire philanthropist who with his armor transforms into the superhero founder of the Avengers .

By holding Thor 's powerful hammer, you transform into the famous superhero, of mythological inspiration, ready to fight together with the other Avengers.

All children, starting from 6 years of age, will be able to choose which character to transform themselves into, to participate in theme parties, carnivals or simply to experience the thrill of wearing the role of heroes ready to fight against evil.

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