Sonic , the very fast hedgehog protagonist of a famous video game and two successful films, enters all children 's homes thanks to a series of toys inspired by his adventures!

The SEGA mascot has just turned 30 and today we want to celebrate his success by talking about some of the toys that have been dedicated to him.

The success of the SEGA video game, followed by the film adaptation, was confirmed by the merchandise that offers action figures and plush faithful reproductions of Sonic and his friends

Who wouldn't want to hold a soft cuddly toy in their arms?

The Sonic the Hedgehog plush faithfully reproduces the cute hedgehog. With his unmistakable blue color and red and white shoes, Sonic is ready to dive into the arms of all children. This plush , 28 cm high, is made with the highest quality materials, officially licensed by SEGA .

JAKKS PACIFICS and SONIC merchandise

Coinciding with the release of the films dedicated to SONIC, the company JAKKS PACIFIC has launched merchandising items on the market, among which very detailed action figures stand out.

Sonic and his friend Tails are presented in a double pack which contains, in addition to the two 6 cm high articulated characters , many accessories to recreate the fantastic world of the video game .

For those who prefer to choose their favorite character, or who love to collect the different protagonists of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game, single blisters are available which contain Sonic, Tails and Knuckles , the red echidna who soon became one of the iconic characters of the video game. The characters, 10 cm tall, are equipped with accessories that characterize them to best relive the adventures of the video game.

Run and choose from all the SONIC toys available in our e-commerce!

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