Pinocchio toys

Pinocchio toys

Pinocchio , the puppet who wants to become a real boy, is the imaginary character protagonist of the children's novel born from the pen of Carlo Collodi .

Considered a true literary masterpiece, and not only in the field of children's literature, Pinocchio has accompanied generations of children with his teachings on the human condition.

Pinocchio, a global success from the novel, to the movies, to the toys...

After the success of Collodi's novel, there have been many film, television and theatrical adaptations dedicated to Pinocchio . Obviously, there was no shortage of toys that reproduce the puppet and allow children to relive his adventures.

Pinocchio soft toy

The classic toy for children, suitable for any age and perfect to always carry with you, is the soft toy . Soft, colorful, to hug, to always have your favorite character close by.

Trudi presents a detailed version of Pinocchio, available in two sizes (small and medium) that reproduce the Pinocchio puppet with his iconic red tunic, green trousers and pointed hat.

A version, complete with music function , is the one presented by Giochi Preziosi . In this case we are talking about a soft toy, inspired by the TV series , which reproduces the theme song of the animated series so loved by children. Just press her tummy to hear the famous song!

Pinocchio, the wooden puppet

Unmissable, among the toys dedicated to Pinocchio , is a wooden version that faithfully reproduces the original puppet .

This articulated wooden character is 20 cm high and is made with non-toxic and saliva-resistant paints in compliance with the strictest safety standards.

When it comes to Pinocchio , the first feature that comes to mind is his nose that stretches when a lie is told. Giochi Preziosi presents a 32cm character with an electronic function. This puppet from the Pinocchio and Friends series has a special function that causes the nose to stretch every time Pinocchio tells a lie . Just give Pinocchio a kiss to make his nose shorten again!

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