Discover the new arrival in the FurReal Friends house, the Cinnamon pony! The Cinnamon interactive pony is new for Christmas 2022 and is ready to enter your home to make your children happy!

Hasbro presents a new interactive soft toy ready to play with children and surprise them with its many realistic features.

This stylish pony has more than 80 sounds and reactions that make it interact with children in a realistic way as a real pony would. When petted, Cinnamon neighs happily and his cheeks light up to express his delight! Like a real cuddly puppy, Cinnamon makes adorable sounds, moves his head and seeks cuddles from those who take care of him.

Cinnamon 's box includes 26 accessories that are perfect for taking care of this special puppy: colorful flowers to decorate his mane, a brush to create hairstyles and glittering horseshoes to decorate his paws.

This new FurReal Friends puppy is 35cm tall and comes with a special night mode. Seat Cinnamon comfortably and she'll play a song to end the day in harmony.

Discover this wonderful puppy in our e-commerce. The perfect gift for all little animal lovers!

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