The Barbapapas are back!!!

The Barbapapas , the funny colorful characters protagonists of famous books and animated series in the 70s, are back in the limelight to conquer the new generations of children!

Giochi Preziosi presents a line of toys and soft toys to have fun with Barbapapa and his colorful family.

The houses of the Barbapapas

To recreate the adventures of the Barbapapas we have to create a colorful and fun scenario like them. The Barbacamerette are small playsets , which can be opened and customized, which can be connected to each other to create a single large playset where you can play with the different characters.

Each house is characterized by a different color and includes a different character : Barbabella, Barbottina, Barbabravo and Barbazoo .

Barbapapa Plush! Very soft!

Barbamamma and Barbapapa, the parents of the family of funny pear-shaped, black and pink creatures. The other members of the family are seven children.

Barbaforte , Barbalalla, Barbabravo... Green, Turkish, purple... Each plush character is characterized by a color and all wear a red and white striped scarf

The Barbapapa family is complete!

The Barbapapa playsets and soft toys are ready to enter the homes of all children, overwhelming them with a wave of color full of fun and happiness! Take a look at our shop to discover the whole line of toys offered by Giochi Preziosi !

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