The brave puppies, protagonists of the adventures of the PAW PATROL series, enter all the children's homes with their vehicles with which they can dart at full speed in rescue operations!

Today we will discover together the collection of READY RACE VEHICLES , four colorful vehicles that faithfully reproduce those seen in the entertaining TV series.

Chase is a German Shepherd puppy, leader of the Puppy Squad, very brave and ready to immediately jump into action! In his deluxe vehicle equipped with a pull-back engine and realistic sounds, the brave Chase will be the first to launch into rescue operations. By pressing the button on top of the vehicle, you will hear the engine revving and the tires squealing for a game full of realism!

The Race & Go Deluxe vehicle collection includes Marshall and Rubble 's rescue vehicles. The brave firefighter Dalmatian and the playful bulldog are always ready to follow Chase and their vehicles also have realistic sounds that make the game even more fun.

Skye's Vehicle completes the Paw Patrol collection. Kind, courageous and generous, this cocker puppy is a friend to all puppies and is always ready to follow the leader of the puppy squad.

All the protagonists of the collection are available on our e-commerce in single blister packs containing a vehicle and a puppy.

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